Commoil Group Ltd., Co. is a diversified international petroleum and natural gas consulting firm based in Houston, Texas, USA.  CGL associates have several decades of combined experience in the oil & gas and energy logistics business in North America, Eurasia, the Orient and the Middle East.  Our top priority is to provide a unique, value added-product to our clients.

Commoil Group leverages contacts within the North American, Middle East and Russian hydrocarbon sectors to provide focused advice on market entry strategies in developed and developing energy markets.  Our client base consists largely of firms interested in diversifying their upstream, midstream and downstream portfolios outside of North America into Eurasia, the Middle East, Latin America and the Orient.

As the pool of hydrocarbon reserves shrinks due to increasing control and development by sovereign indigenous state energy giants, we offer clients a third party analysis of potential market entry strategies. Regional market assessment, political risk analysis, environmental and logistics routing/pricing options encompass only part of our services offered to clients.